zondag 7 april 2013

Poppy Flower

Deze keer hebben we een collab gemaakt genaamd
" Poppy Flower"

This time we have made a colab called
"Poppy Flower"

dit is mijn deel/This is my part

And my Facebookfreebie
Nicoles Scrap Facebook

LO Made by Jessica

LO Made by Saskia

LO Made by Harsha

Jessica`s part of the collab

My LO with Jessica`s collab

My LO with Saskia`s Collab

6 reacties:

kkangels zei

When I click on download... Nothing downloads.....:-(

Unknown zei

It`s fixed...

Linda Sutton zei

Love the color red and the poppies. Thank you

Dawn zei

Love the heart paper and the balloon - thank you so much!

Julie Frisettes zei

It's beautiful, thank you very much!! :)

dulcelil zei

Thank you very much.

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